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Zibo Maoyang Industry and Trading Co ltd is a export power of silage wrap film based on our own factory in China We manufacture and supply different ranges of silage and baling products including silage wrap film silage cover waste wrap film industrial bags stretch hood film and bale net etc We imported advanced German equipment with high degree of automaticity which could achieve higher efficiency lower cost and better quality We have vibrant young and professional R D team experienced technical staff and warm kind service team With scientific management and advanced technique we could achieve more innovation to supply high quality products and service for all customers Our products have...

Categories and Products

Silage Wrap

Silage Wrap 250mm

Green Silage Wrap 250mm White Silage Wrap 250mm 

Silage Wrap 500mm

Green Silage Wrap 500mm White Silage Wrap 500mm Black Silage Wrap 500m 

Silage Wrap 750mm

White Silage Wrap 750mm Green Silage Wrap 750mm Black Silage Wrap 750mm 

Silage Film

Silage Film 750mm

Silage Wrap Film Width 750mm Green Silage Wrap Film High UV Resistance GreenSilage Wrap Film High Tack&Tear Strength Green Silage Wrap for Hay with UV Resistance Green Silage Plastic Roll Width750mm Green silage wrapp film for Mahale Fusion White Silage Wrap Film for Mahale Fusion White Agricultural Silage Wrap Width750 Legth1500 White Agricultural Silage Wrap Film Width750 Legth1500 UV Stabilized White Plastic silage bunker covering Quality Silage Plastic film Width750 Agricultural Stretch Film Green Colour 100% Virgin LLDPE Silage Wrap Film LLDPE Silage Stretch Film Width750 White Colour Ensiling Wrap Film Width750 Green Ensile Wrap Film Width750 White Colour Ensile Bale Film Width 750 Green Ensiling Bale Film Width750 White Colour Silage Wrap Bale Plastic Hay Stretch Wrap Film 

Silage Film 500mm

Silage Wrap Film Width500 Width 500mm Silage Wrap Film Hot sale White Silage Wrap Film Width500mm White Agricultural Silage Wrap Film Width500 Length1800 White Colour Silage Wrap Film High Tack Green Colour Silage Wrap Film High Tack Green silage wrap film with 100% virgin LLDPE Green Silage Wrap Film 1800x500x25um Silage Bale Wrap 1800x500x25um Wrapping Roll for Hay Silage 1800x500x25um LLDPE Grass Silage Film Width500 LLDPE 100% Virgin Silage Film Standard Agriculture Baler Wrapping Film Certified Agricultrual Baler Stretch Film Hay Baler Stretch Film with High Tacky Round Bale of Silage UV Resistance 16-24Months Tube Type Bale of Silage Agriculture Silage Packaging Wrap Film LLDPE Agriculture Bale Wrap LLDPE Blown Silage Wrap High Tacky 

Silage Film 250mm

White Silage Wrap Film Width250 Silage Wrap Film Width250 UV Stabilized Green Plastic silage Wrap 1800x250x25um Green Silage Wrap Film Width250 High Tack High tear strength plastic silage film 1800x250x25um Silage Stretch Wrap Film 1800x250x25um Silage Bale Wrap Blown Technology 1800x250x25um Hot sale White Silage Wrap Film Width250mm Hay Silage Wrap Film 1800x250x25um Agricultural Corn Silage Film 1800mx250mmx25um Maize Silage Wrap Film 1800mx250mmx25um Clover Silage Wrap Film 1800x250x25 PE Silage Wrap Film High Tack White Plastic Bale Hay Wrap Film for Agriculture High Tear Strength LLDPE Silage Wrap Bale Wrapping Plastic Elastic Silage Film Ensile Package Film High Tacky Ensile Bale Wrap Film Ensile Bale Wrap Plastic 

Silage Cover

Silage Cover- Extrusion Blown Molding type Silage Cover with Japan Standard UV Stabilized Plastic silage bunker covering High tear strength plastic silage tarp agricultural plastic cover Silage Bunker Covering High UV resistance Agricultural plastic cover sheet Agricultural Plastic Tarp high UV Resistance High tear strength silage covering on the farm Silage Plastic Covering High UV Resistance 2 Year UV Stability Silage Cover Silage Storaging Plastic Covering Silage Silo Cover for Dairy Farm 

Milking Machine

Vacuum Pump-typed Milking Machine

retail of manumotive small Milking Machine One Bucket Vacuum Pump Milking Machine Double 25L Buckets Portable Milking Machine for Sheep/Goat 304 stainless steel buckets Mobile milking machine 25L Single Bucket Mobile Milking Machine SS304 bucket milking machine easy for storage easy moved milking machine with one barrel Single Bucket Vacuum Pump Milking Machine PVC bucket vacuum pump typed milking machine With pulsator milking machine high quality With one bucket milking machine for sheep/goat Single Barrel Mobile Milking Machine for USA Vacuum pump typed milking machine worldwide safe vacuum portable milking machine One cup group Portable Milking Machine PVC barrel Mobile Milking Machine for Cow Double barrels Vacuum pump movable milking machine easy storage milking machine for mother cow convenient small milking machine for sick cow Movable milking machine for dairy cows 

Piston-typed Milking Machine

Single Bucket Piston-Typed Milking Machine for Cow Piston typed Single barrel Portable milking machine 2 barrels Milking Machine with Piston Motor high quality Piston Milking Machine Piston engine milking machine for sheep/goat Milking Machine with Piston motor power-driven piston typed milking machine affordable small milking machine with cluster piston typed milking machine 

Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Milking Machine

Dual Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Typed Milking Machine Dual-Typed Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Milking Machine Adjustable vacuum degree Milking Machine Motor speed 1440rpm Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Milking Machine 

Sisal Baler Twine

Silage Twine PP 100% Virgin 

Bale Net Wrap

1.23m Width Bale Wrap Netting

White Soft plastic woven packing Net plastic woven bale netting 1.23m*3000m PE 100%virgin material bale wrap netting 1.23m*3000m knitting plastic wrap netting for hay smooth wrapping net for silage bales bale wrap netting inside stretch film strong tear resistance bale wrap netting 

1.25m Width Bale Wrap Netting

knitting bale net for silage baler knitting bale netting for silage baler Round roll bale wrapping net for baler 1.25m*3000m plastic woven wrap netting for hay Open mesh bale wrap netting for straw HDPE Recycle hay bale netting for grass High UV resistance bale wrap netting Anti-UV for outdoor package wrap netting 

1.30m Width Bale Wrap Netting

UV resistance wrap netting for grass bale HDPE environmental friendly wrapping net pallet package plastic woven net for baler agricultural use PE wrap netting for straw smooth wrap net for bale round roll agricultural used woven wrap netting inside film pasture use bulk woven wrap netting rolls stabilized against UV ray bale wrap netting with warning strip bale wrap net roll bale wrap net for intensive UV radiation HDPE recyclable plastic woven netting bale wrap net for stable silage storage superior HDPE bale net for wrapping hay 

1.50m Width Bale Wrap Netting

a range of straw bale wrapping net traceability round woven net for packing bale net wrap for full coverage baling water-resistant dense cardboard tube bale net small mesh packing net for wrapping high anti-UV bale wrapping net for stalk strong stretching bale wrap netting high stretching plastic knitting net simple handling straw bale net for farm Certified quality bale wrap netting for corn 

Customized Size Bale Wrap Netting

bale wrap netting for gather straw Polyethylene mesh wrapping bales of hay Polyethylene bale wrap net for dairy straw bale netting wrap for agricultural plant excellent quality bale net wrap for crops customized size bale net wrap for baler 4',5' width bale wrap net for big bales high quality PE wrap net for bales bale wrap net for big heavy bales unique tracking number bale wrap netting 

Bale Machine

Automatic Bale Machine

multiple layers Automatic bale machine Automatic bale machine with high efficiency 220V/380V automatic bale machine for grass 

Semi-Automatic Bale Machine

Automatic bale machine for silage bale Semi-Automatic bale machine for dairy feed convenient semi-automatic bale machine 

Plastic Packaging

Stretch Film

Stretch Wrap Film for Packaging 

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